Planning for Affordable Care Act Q&A Panel at Platform Houston

I am crowd sourcing the planning for this event. Join the conversation by commenting/volunteering/sharing this page. 


To educate the Houston startup, freelancer and greater business community about the Affordable Care Act (aka ACA, Obamacare).


  • Date: November, possibly on the 12th, 13th or 14th? Conflicts?
  • Location: Platform Houston
  • Refreshments: Catering from a local restaurant
  • Cost: $15 preregistration, $20 at the door
  • Charity: Find a local charity to donate proceeds to

Panel Content

  • How the ACA works
  • Plans & Options under the ACA
  • Subsidies & Other Benefits for Health Insurance
  • Potential pitfalls
  • Startup/Entrepreneurship Opportunities
  • Q&A From the Audience

Panel Members We Need to Find

  • CPA/Accountant: Discuss tax/financial consequences of ACA
  • Attorney: Discuss benefits/penalties of ACA
  • Entrepreneur: Discuss various business opportunities created by ACA
  • Doctor: Benefits/Problems with ACA from a medical perspective
  • City Gov. Employee: How Houston can benefits from ACA
  • Moderator

Marketing/Advertising/Other Help We Need to Find

  • Platform Houston-venue for event
  • Graphic Designer-create pictures/powerpoint/other visual materials
  • Copywriter/Journalist-create press releases
  • Websites/Other Organizations-spread the word


  • Find a local restaurant to cater event for free/discount in exchange for sponsorship.


  • Donate all moneys above costs to a local charity.

Potential Sponsors

  • Enventure
  • Health 2.0
  • Platform Houston
  • Start Houston
  • Restaurant
  • Startup Houston
  • Xconomy
  • City of Houston
  • Techstreet
  • Redlabs
  • Ignite
  • Owlspark

Have an idea? See a problem? Want to volunteer yourself/volunteer someone else? Answer and ask questions in the comments below or send me an email: