Solar power stations will provide energy. The initial mining station will provide the materials to build more and bigger versions of itself.

Space Mining with Artificial Gravity

Two companies have announced plans to investigate asteroid mining. While the basics of identifying likely mining prospects with telescopes and deep space probes is straight forward enough, what the companies have not disclosed is a method for refining discovered ore. I believe that by adapting smelting and refining technology we currently use on Earth for…

Heritage Law Thumbnail

Heritage Law Marketing

During the October Demo Day at Start Houston, I met Nima Heydarian, a true entrepreneur if I have ever seen one. For the last several years, he has spent his days as a programmer at a big company, and his nights developing innovative marketing solutions for attorneys worldwide. His current business is Heritage Law Marketing.

Come listen to me, Ben Ochoa, speak about Open Source Licensing on Nov. 7 at Start.

Top 5 Startup Events this November in Houston

It’s the beginning of the month, and that means it’s time for another edition of the Top 5 Events in Houston this month. Even though we have Thanksgiving, there is still no shortage of great things to do. Let’s #startsomething. 5. Open Source Licenses What: Learn the ins and outs of open source licenses for…

A captive audience watches the companies present at Start Houston's October Demo Day.

October 2013 Demo Day in a Nutshell

The good news is the house was full and the companies stellar, but unfortunately, last Wednesday was Start Houston’s last Demo Day for the year. Here is a quick rundown of each of the presenting companies, presented in no particular order. 

The Orion Capsule and Command Module. Courtesy of NASA.

NASA’s Manned Space Program is a Waste of Money

Good news, I guess. Next year, NASA is going to begin testing its new human rated space capsule, the Orion, by launching it atop a Delta IV Heavy. I cannot fully express how happy it makes me to see NASA, which was founded on the principle of pushing the limits of human exploration in space,…

David from LRNGO articulates his ideas for collaborative learning at library based makerspaces.

Houston Library Seeks Input for New Collaborative Makerspaces

Open Houston’s first big project promises to be a transformative one. Last night at the Houston Central Library, the volunteer group articulated a new vision for our libraries. Inside the extra and unused space of each library, Open Houston and library staff are planning to create collaborative makerspaces for the general public to share knowledge,…

"This is where things get a little awesome." -Glen explains to PyHou how to build their own financial app.

Build Your Own Financial App with Python-Aggcat

For the Pythoneer who is dissatisfied with run of mill financial apps, Glen, head of PyHou, has the perfect solution, “Build your own.” On Github, Glen has posted the code for a client to access Intuit’s treasure trove of financial data. After creating a developer account, making a client and uploading a self-generated x509 certificate,…

Elaine and Mia won a copy of Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh and a Tendenci t-shirt, respectively, at Net^2's announcement event for Open Houston.

Volunteer with Open Houston to Make the City Better

The people from NetSquared and Code for America have launched a new initiative to help make Houston a better place to live and work. Called Open Houston, it aims to support public sector innovation in the city by building useful community apps on top of the city’s data and by leveraging public support to build…