The Giving Generation

Our modern world is trying at times, but I find reason for hope everyday. As I move away from the startup scene into one focused more on charity, I am constantly amazed by the amount of good energy put out by my neighbors everyday. Whether it is working together to help better raise our children, assisting refugees settling here in Houston, or taking care of the homeless and downtrodden hidden among us, people day in and day out are working hard to make each tomorrow better than yesterday.

Each generation seems to have a calling, a thing that they did to stand out and make themselves unique. While mine is often referred to as the Millennial generation, I have much higher goals. Our parents and grandparents have left us with a world of plenty though the fruits of our efforts are unevenly distributed. I believe our job is to fix that. To switch from consuming to giving, and by doing so to earn the name upon which I base my personal aspirations.

I would like mine to be the Giving Generation. I would like mine to be the one to conquer those most persistent of societal ills: poverty, homelessness, hunger, ignorance. I would like to build a world made of dreams I cannot currently image made possible by the elimination of the aforementioned ills. I see a mountain I would like to climb. Come summit with me.