10 Reasons My Comic Book Store Failed

It seems a lifetime ago, but once, many years ago, a friend and I owned a comic & games store in Lake Jackson, Texas, called Angry Gorilla Comics & Games, Inc. We opened four months after I graduated college and stayed that way for another 18, until the stress of running a business that was just…

Nick mastering the audio for Strataba's video; Ben being himself.

Creating the Explainer Video for Strataba

Though it has been somewhat on the downlow, my friend Nick and I have been working on a new company, Strataba. Two weeks ago we made a video to explain what Strataba does. Check it out at If you like what we are doing, fill out our comment form at the bottom so we…

Heritage Law Thumbnail

Heritage Law Marketing

During the October Demo Day at Start Houston, I met Nima Heydarian, a true entrepreneur if I have ever seen one. For the last several years, he has spent his days as a programmer at a big company, and his nights developing innovative marketing solutions for attorneys worldwide. His current business is Heritage Law Marketing.