On WordPress, my thoughts so far

So I’ve switched Law 451 from Drupal to WordPress, and I am happy with the results so far. While I may aspire to be some kind of hacker extraordinaire, I am not, and for things that would have taken me forever in Drupal, WordPress makes them easy and intuitive.

I also installed a plugin, Jetpack, which adds WordPress.com’s functionality to your personal site. Right now I am using it for site statistics, contact forms and managing my sharing with Facebook, Twitter, etc… I will post further on Jetpack once I have more fully explored the features it offers.

Overall, I am impressed, and I see no reason any business owner should pay for someone to set up a website. The tools available now are wonderful and simple. If you are on a budget and lack coding experience, WordPress is certainly the way to go.

Read more about WordPress, Jetpack and/or Drupal.