Legal Tips for Businesses New and Old

Welcome to the new year. I hope you are excited about starting and/or growing your business. I have several new projects on the front burners, and I am quite eager to get going. Until I am ready to post those, check out the legal tips below to help you get going in this new year.


10 Reasons My Comic Book Store Failed

It seems a lifetime ago, but once, many years ago, a friend and I owned a comic & games store in Lake Jackson, Texas, called Angry Gorilla Comics & Games, Inc. We opened four months after I graduated college and stayed that way for another 18, until the stress of running a business that was just…

Forming an LLC in Texas

A few weeks ago at the Houston Open Coffee Club, I was asked if a small business owner can self-start their own LLC.  The answer, of course, is yes. One of the many things I love about the USA is the ease with which one can start a business. The first place I would start when…