Come listen to me, Ben Ochoa, speak about Open Source Licensing on Nov. 7 at Start.

Top 5 Startup Events this November in Houston

It’s the beginning of the month, and that means it’s time for another edition of the Top 5 Events in Houston this month. Even though we have Thanksgiving, there is still no shortage of great things to do. Let’s #startsomething. 5. Open Source Licenses What: Learn the ins and outs of open source licenses for…

A captive audience watches the companies present at Start Houston's October Demo Day.

October 2013 Demo Day in a Nutshell

The good news is the house was full and the companies stellar, but unfortunately, last Wednesday was Start Houston’s last Demo Day for the year. Here is a quick rundown of each of the presenting companies, presented in no particular order. 

Simrit Parmar leads a discussion on the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare, The Great Med Hope) at Platform Houston..

Obamacare is Better for Entrepreneurs than the Jobs Act

For all the hoopla over lifting restrictions on soliciting fundraising for startups RE: The Jobs Act, the biggest, relatively uncovered story for Entrepreneurship is the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the opening of the healthcare exchanges on October 1. This law and the idea of affordable, market based insurance truly opens the door for everyone…

Start Demo Day is October 23rd at Start Houston. Source.

Top 5 Startup Events this October in Houston

If you are like me, always scrounging around for your next fix from the Houston Startup and Entrepreneurship scene, then you will enjoy these 5 potentially great events. I have scoured the web (mostly and Facebook) to find the best, most interesting and sweet things to do this October.*

Trailer Tail Spotted on US 59 in Houston

Spotted: Trailer Tail from ATDynamics

I first learned of ATDynamics’ Trailer Tail after they won the 2006 Rice Business Plan Competition (as Advanced Transit Enterprises). I had not heard or seen anything about them until this afternoon when I was driving home, and I finally spotted one of the gizmos in the wild.

Rodney Giles from eOilBoom presents at Start Houston Demo Day

eOilBoom Wins Start Houston’s Sept. Demo Day

The top presentation at Start Houston‘s September Demo Day was eOilBoom, a new crowdfunding site for oil and gas. Their premise is simple: internet based crowdfunding for oil and gas investments in producing wells and in drilling new wells. The site allows accredited investors to put in as little as $5,000 in each project. This enables…

Capstone Panel from MBA Council of Houston's Impact Investing Seminar. From left to right: Michele Price, Jeff Reichman, Michael Rybarski, Juliana Garaizar, Kirk Cobrun.

The 3 Things Houston Lacks for Startups

As great as Houston may be, for a city trying to cultivate a vibrant startup culture, it still lacks three key ingredients for innovation success. The capstone panel at the MBA Council of Houston’s Impact Investing Seminar discussed in-depth what we as Houstonians must build over the next 20 years if we want to become…

Enventure hosted a panel on Licensing Your Technology at the Rice University Biomedical Research Center. From left to right: Carol Nielson, Kevin Slawin, Ernie Davis, and Brian Phillips.

5 Takeaways from Enventure’s Licensing Your Technology Panel

Enventure, Houston’s medical entrepreneurs, were at it again last night.  They hosted a panel at Rice University’s Biosciences Research Collaborative which discussed how a researcher can best go about licensing her technology from her university’s or institution’s technology transfer office. The panel also considered how to build a successful business around such a technology. The crowd was…

Houston Cleanweb Texas @Stag’s Head

I had a great time last night at the Stag’s Head meeting for the first time with Cleanweb Texas. Great people, great ideas, big impact on the world. As explained to me by Blake Burris, the goal of Cleanweb is to use software to fix real world resource problems. Through smart programming, we can create…