Houston Cleanweb Texas @Stag’s Head

I had a great time last night at the Stag’s Head meeting for the first time with Cleanweb Texas. Great people, great ideas, big impact on the world.

As explained to me by Blake Burris, the goal of Cleanweb is to use software to fix real world resource problems. Through smart programming, we can create more efficient infrastructure which has a noticeable impact on pollution and development. It is an interesting idea, one which I hope succeeds.

Their biggest impact is through hackathons: 24 hour marathon hack sessions where participants have to utilize their own grit to create a meaningful solution to world resource and pollution problems. The last Cleanweb Hackathon in Houston was back in September at my alma mater, Rice University. Planning for 2013 is in the works now and we should be hearing about the next round of events soon.

Read more about Cleanweb or join the Houston group on Meetup.