Rice Alliance IT and Web Venture Tech Forum—Top Three Presenters

Tiny customized wedding toppers, raising money for charity by eating out with your friends, smart lights that turn on and off as you walk around the house, these were just some of the ideas on display at the 10th Annual Rice Alliance IT and Web Venture Tech Forum. Keep reading for my favorite 3.

#3: Action Figure Labs

Is your wedding coming up, but you hate the look of those dorky wedding cake toppers? Those generic, American good ole’ boy and girls sitting on top of the wedding cake just do not match the changing racial makeup of the new America. Action Figure Labs to the rescue. By using the latest in 3D printing tech, AFL can create personalized, customized, digitized versions of you and your SO for that perfect top-of-the-wedding cake moment.

But wait! There’s more!

The same technology works for sports trophies, employee appreciation awards, and just about anything else made from small plastic bits.

#2: Groupraise

Did you sign up for the Houston 2 Austin MS 150? Having trouble meeting your fundraising goals? Are you also hungry? Groupraise has what you need.

Simply find a participating restaurant on their website. Contact your friends and invite them to dinner. Eat. Part of the price of the meal goes to the charity of your choice. It’s that simple. Find out more by visiting their website.

#1: LRNGO (learn-go)

LRNGO is built around a simple, core philosophy: we all need to learn, and we are all able to teach. LRNGO makes it easy to find a teacher/mentor for any skill you want to learn, and it also makes it easy to become a teacher/mentor for any subject you are proficient in.

LRNGO is aiming to revolutionize the way we teach and learn skills. With the internet, all the knowledge of the world is at your finger tips. LRNGO takes it one step further by forging connections and enabling the easy exchange of knowledge around the world.

The Rice Alliance is a group dedicated to promoting technology-based businesses in the greater Houston area. They support the startup community by providing education, networking opportunities and fundraising support. This is the 10th Annual IT and Web Venture Tech Forum hosted by the Rice Alliance. Check out their website for more upcoming events.